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did you not get my question or are you just not answering it :(

could be the latter, unfortunately. i’ve ignored some messages from today bc i either didn’t feel like addressing those topics publicly or felt they would lead to unnecessary negative discussion on my blog. i’m sorry :-( feel free to message me off anon though and i promise i’ll respond. xx 

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I love liam but why is he SOOO extra I don't understand like...

idek man… he’s just so foot in mouth at times :/

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You look so nice!!! Also are you next to a giant eyeball?

thank you friend !! and yes lmaooo idek. my city is wild 👀

but she kissed me like she meant it…

lmao fuck, ed niall and macklemore partying it up together in what is quite possibly the strangest combination of white boys of our time 

Anonymous asked:
hey I asked this question from couple of other people but never got an answer. I'm from India and i'm buddhist and I grew up with hindu people so bindi has been my thing but then I moved to America (I kinda wore it America once in a while) and is it okay for me to wear bindi? i don't know how other indians will react to it. Please Please Please answer. I really need an answer :(

i personally think it’s okay? i think the symbolism of the bindi in buddhism might be similar to that in hinduism (the third eye)? i’m not sure. but if i saw another indian on the street wearing a bindi, i wouldn’t be offended lol. so my opinion is that you should be fine. xx


Niall and Ed in Vegas last night


1st Sept ‘14 x

reading that sun article and harry talking about being nervous and upset over the ‘red or black’ performance made my heart pound… he’s grown so much since then and he always puts his 110% effort and consideration into whatever he does, whether it’s perfecting his voice or giving it his all on stage or making times for fans or just ensuring the people around him are happy he’s so wonderful and i love him so much !!!

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