Hey. I love you

godfatherjavadd asked:
Hi Pa! I'm selling Phoenix WWA concert tickets so I can buy other ones closer to my friends, and I need to get them off my hands quick, if you or any of your followers are interested it is a Section F Row 12 seat extremely close to the stage, I'm only asking for $215 which is half of what I paid, if interested please please please contact me!!



Anonymous asked:
Hey I just wanted to say you are really lovely <3

:((( thank u friend i really needed to hear this rn…. love u !!! xx

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Anonymous asked:
Why do you like tmh more than mm? I like em both but I kinda do think I like tmh more? I don't know why? It was a better time for everyone :0 hahahaa

i just do !! the sound is more enjoyable, i think. in my opinion MM is heavier n rockier which i’m not really into. i prefer dancey pop jams and tmh had more of those

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i’m sorry to disappoint all of you but i just checked out the “why don’t we go there” song for the first time and it’s so fucking catchy 

8.08 - Gillette Stadium

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What's up? Why are you stressed? :o

i just am !!! adult life is hard lol


i’m so busy and overwhelmed and i keep eating a shit ton of chocolate like the fucking bag of trash that i am

dancerforlife14: Can life not get any better! Met Harry today. He was soooooooooooooooooo……. nice. Got 3 hugs from him, signed my phone case, and took selfies with me.

My dash is so fucking slow rn I need more European ppl to follow pls like this so I can check y’all out