I want to do a thing where you all take photos of things/yourselves/yourselves doing things and caption it “joy is ____” and tag me so I can see all of you beautiful peeps being joyful

Anonymous asked:
you are so cute! i love your smile

tHANK youuuu <3

gentlehousing replied to your photoJoy is lying in the grass on a crisp autumn day 

You have the sweetest, softest smile. Yellow is certainly a color that reflects in the way your body splays like a kitten in sunshine. Thank you for allowing me to look at you.

shut the fuck up 

Joy is lying in the grass on a crisp autumn day 

i’m finally back in my room after a solid 8 days of hectic traveling i think i covered like 10 cities???? it was so mental and wonderful and time really flies i can’t believe i had such a great birthday week and i feel WONDERFUL except for the fact that my throat is wrecked like i literally cannot speak and i don’t wanna go back to school tomorrow :-(((( 

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Link to fic please?

No that’s not the fic I’m reading rn !! But it’s by the same authors, yea. The narry solo fic is INCREDIBLE like it is everything I’ve ever dreamed of packaged so beautifully in a fic. It’s lovely and hot and WONDERFUL and the characterisations are incredible god I love it you shld read it right away

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loool, well make your move boo!

HAHAHAH nah he left the train #rip to what could’ve been

that new narry fic by irishmizzy and miss_bennie starts off w a quote from jack kerouac… i already love it